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kawai es8 review

Kawai ES8 Review – Is This Digital Piano Worth Buying?

Today I am going to do an in-depth review of Kawai ES8 Digital Piano. This one is currently a most sophisticated, modernized, powerful & slim piano around. Kawai ES8 piano series is gonna satisfy all professional pianist for years.

So after reading this kawai es8 review article, you can easily make your decision that, its for you or not.

The new responsive RH3 action again creates the smooth touch of an acoustic piano with the movement in real. So accurate three technology sensor which provides upright, natural as well as highly responsive piano. This Piano also has the best experience.

Introduction to Kawai ES8 Piano (Digital) – Best for Home Use & Outdoor Use !

Kawai ES8 Digital Piano consists of Kawai’s Ivory Touch Key surface. Which gently absorbs the moisture of finger to assist the performance of the player. While softly playing the keys of the piano, it recreates the sensation. So its satisfies the expectations.

Keyboard’s weight is graded appropriately to mirror heavy base hammers and light treble hammers of the acoustic piano.

This piano has rich and expressive sound with the 88 keys recorded, analyzed and reproduced faithfully using the XL technology of music. The unique procedure recreates an actual dynamic range of original pianos which also offers the professionals the best level to express ranging from piano to boldest and strongest fortissimo.

Its built-in technical feature allows the features of acoustic sounds of the keyboard to get shaped at the button touch while doing setting to adjust damper and string resonance, additionally damper, hammer as well key release noise.

The personalized sound of the piano is further enhanced with the effects of atmospheric reverberation, vibrant tone of the piano with authenticity and realism.

Ultimate Features of Kawai ES8 Digital Piano

Let’s explore the best features of Kawai Es8 piano. There are many features which made this piano stand out from its competitors and here are the list:

?The Robust Selection of the Additional Sound of An Instrument

?The Robust Selection of the Additional Sound of An Instrument

Supplementing the real voice of acoustic piano, ES8 also consist of the active collection of other sounds of the instrument which range from drawbar, electric keyboards as well as church organs to the choir, string and mallet devices which allow the musicians to add greater variety to the performance.

Its dual mode also has two different sounds like strings and a grand piano which needs to be layered together while four and split hands modes divide this keyboard into two independent sections. Sometimes volume also balances for the playing mode which can be adjusted in no time and efficiently use of real-time control panel.

?Professional Styles of Accompaniment

?Professional Styles of Accompaniment

Featuring different styles which range from rock and pop ballads, to dance, jazz funk and Latin flavors, the section of rhythm provide solo performers with professional arranged backing only with the touch of a button.

Additionally, the 100 chord progressions, as well as ad-lib of one finger solo, allow the experts to live life in the repertoire while taking care of the control over every performance.

?Device to USB functionality, with WAV/MP3 file playback and recording

?Device to USB functionality, with WAV/MP3 file playback and recording

The piano is digitally equipped with the USM connector which not only allows the instrument to get connected to the computer for the use of MIDI but even to save and load data to the memory of USM devices directly.

The feature from USB to drive allows the registration songs and memories stored and recorded in the internal memory to get saved to USB for SMP or posterity which is downloaded from the web to be played conveniently without hardware.

The devices can also be used to play WAV and MP3 music files which allow the professionals to learn melody or chords for a new piece, or to play with their favorite song.

Kawai ES8 Review : Pros & Cons

Following are the PROS & CONS what I found out after doing a good research on Google:


  • Powered by Harmonic Imaging Sound Technology
  • Free IOS apps lets you adjust its settings easily
  • Very robust selection of additional instrument sounds
  • Loaded with a wide range of connectivity options


  • Bit expensive

Conclusion: Do You Suggest this ES8 Digital Piano ?

Yes, of course, Kawai ES8 is a must buy if you running a teaching studio or for stage performances. As we all know Kawai is the second largest manufacturer of pianos in the world will never bring you disappointments.

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Hope you enjoyed this Kawai ES8 Digital Piano review and if you have any doubts or needs further clarifications YES, am here to assist you. Please let me know through your comments below.


  1. HI mate, I like the way of writing you chose. I think it is one thing that people are doing more and more. Playing music. And, well if they need an instrument, they will also need to know what is best for them.

    Keep on going, your site is very interesting to me !

  2. The ES8 sounds good, especially when those two expensive real piano simulations are dialed up.

    I know Kawai has so many keyboards… what sets this keyboard apart from the others that they’re selling right now?

    It sounds like if I want a lot of different synth patches this is not the keyboard to get right?

    Oh, and how do the keys absorb finger moisture??? I’ve never heard of a keyboard doing that…

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