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Best Electronic Drum Sets Reviews

Best Electronic Drum Sets – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Drums are everything in enhancing beats in music and to achieve that powerful bass, you need to have the best in the market.

When the electronic drums made their first appearance in the 80’s, there wasn’t so much to love about them.

Through the years though, they have evolved into magnificent musical instruments and has become every drummer’s dream to own one.

The music industry has experienced the feel and vibe electronic drums provide and doesn’t compare at all to the traditional acoustic drum sets.

They have become digitally powered by software and can easily be connected to your device. Isn’t that all nice! And most importantly, they aren’t loud anymore, so how come?

Well, it’s because they come packaged with headphones (or at least most of them) and have inbuilt jack port suitable for headphones and earphones.

Best Electronic Drum Sets to Buy in 2018

Are you looking to purchase an electronic drum but you don’t know where to start? With a wide variety of the best electronic drum sets, it’s obvious you will be spoilt for choice. Each and every one of them is unique in its own way and carries a beat, a sound, only unique to its design.

However, one thing sticks, to enjoy the satisfaction of drumming, you need to find the perfect fit for your hands only.

Electronic drums are so much fun and better compared to the traditional ones which are louder and heavier. However, this doesn’t apply for electronic drums because they are quieter and much lighter.

For those who have a preowned electronic drum, they may have a rough idea of what they want with regards to what they have.

Do you want a better one? One with more features? An expensive or cheaper one? However, not everyone knows what they want.

For starters, it can be difficult to choose which electronic drum kit would best fit in your taste and preference due to lack of enough knowledge to judge each one by its specs, pros, and cons as well. Since we understand the hassle it can be of settling on a specific drum kit, we have decided to provide a comprehensible guide involving what each of them offers, and its advantages as well as disadvantages.

The real question here though isn’t really about the availability of best electronic drums. Rather it’s all about what you can afford, the good and bad of each electronic drum and the various features you will have the chance to enjoy.

You also need to take note of its features, what it comes with and what it lacks. We took our time and researched on a few of the top electronic drum sets in the market which would be great having them around.

Here is the list:

Roland TD-1KV – #1 Electronic Drum Kit For Beginners & Professionals

best electronic drum roland td 1kv

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Product Description

Product Description

Roland is one of the most common names that you will come across in the electronic drums industry. They are among the best products of electronic drums in the world. It features an acclaimed V-drums sound and performance in an entry-level set.

The Roland TD-1KV is an authentic electronic drum that produces a well-blended musical output with a rugged durability. Each of the kits in the V-Drums has a role to play and in unison, they deliver an exquisite sound, pleasing to the ear.

If you want to enjoy drumming at the comfort of your home, then the Roland TD-1KV model is a perfect match for you. The different kits in this Roland Model allow one to play any musical style with 15 different expressive drum kits which include EDM, Jazz, Rock among other genres.

Product Features

Product Features

If you are looking forward to learning how to play an electronic drum, the Roland TD-1KV is best for practicing until you have perfected the art of stroking each of the kits accordingly. It has a compact size which makes it easier to play around the household.

After all, it won’t take much of your space. It’s also quiet and you can practice with it at any time, day or night, due to the beater-less pedals. It also features a Metronome function that produces regularly repeated sounds and a mesh snare head that gives superior rebound and playing feel.

For connectivity with the DT-1 drum tutor and other computer music software, the Roland TD-1KV comes with a USB for MIDI connections. It also has a 3.5mm stereo-jack mix input and headphone for better training and quiet practice. The intuitive user interface also makes playing a whole lot easier and fun.

The best thing about the Roland TD-1KV is that it is suitable for home playing and has beater-less pads which makes it a nice play at all times.


-> Great sound & quality
-> Beater-less pads
-> Compact design
-> Best starter pack for beginners


-> Cheap tone

In general, the Roland TD-1KV is a great electronic drum that is optimal for beginners and is effective for training and practice. Its compact design is an added bonus and the fact that it doesn’t occupy much space in a room.


Alesis Nitro Kit – Best Premium & Affordable Drum Kit For Professionals

best alesis nitro electronic drum kit

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Product Description

Product Description

The Alesis Nitro is an 8-piece electronic drum kit that encompasses everything you need to play like a pro. It comes with 40 ready-to-play classic and modern kits and you can customize it using the 385 custom sounds included in the drum module and perfect your skills with a metronome.

You can go versatile with this Alesis model and explore with the advanced sequencer and performance recorder that helps you keep track of your progress.

Comparing the Alesis Nitro kit to other members of the electronic drums community, it is the cheapest and relating this with what it has to offer, it is an ideal buy for the money. It also enhances recording which you can accomplish in three easy steps.

They include while playing, hit the record button then proceed to connect the audio outputs situated at the back to a recording device and record. Finally, transfer the recording to your computer through the USB MIDI talked about earlier.

Product Features

Product Features

The Alesis Nitro kit is rugged and secure, thanks to the 4-post aluminum mounting rack that keeps it firmly rooted to the ground. For flexibility, you can adjust the height and lock memory to best match your requirement.

This kit features three 8-inch tom pads, 8-inch dual-zone snare drum, and three 10-inch cymbals. The snare drum provides a great feel and natural response whereas the cymbals – including a crash with choke – gives a virtually unlimited range of playing expressions.

It is easy to make beats with the Alesis Nitro as its drum and cymbal buttons have an arrangement resembling the layout of a traditional drum kit. Therefore, you can assign sounds and create with simplicity. It also features a USB MIDI connection that allows you to connect it to computers and mobile devices.

In addition to that, it contains some old school MIDI in and out jacks so that you can connect it to external audio gear (speakers). You can also go solo and use headphones instead for some peace and quiet with your neighbors.

The Alesis Nitro Kit is among the cheapest and most affordable electronic drums in the industry. It also has some great features, making it a great buy for the money.


-> Easy to handle module with inbuilt 60 play-along tracks
-> Works easily with any modern MacBooks, PCs or laptops
-> Can be used with double bass pedal
-> Sturdy aluminum mounting rack
-> 42 beats to learn with guidance


-> lacks advanced features

The Alesis Nitro offers a wide range of versatility and provides clients with a whole new range of options to consider in drumming. Employ each and every one of its features and don’t take it for granted cause with all that it offers, it comes in at a fairly favorable price for your pocket.


Yamaha DTX 522K – A Wonderful Set for Beginners & Advanced

 yamaha dtx 522k

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Product Description

Product Description

Yamaha is one of the most popular names, not only in the electronic drums market but in the entire musical instrument department.

One of their finest inventions is the Yamaha DTX 522K. It uses laser technology to analyze drum strokes and with the tuned triggering, it results in a more natural feel and smoother snare drum-rolls.

The Yamaha DTX522K is a compact electronic drum set that provides an authentic drumming experience with the 3-zone hi-hat, cymbal pads, and smoother snare drumrolls.

Enjoy each and every practice session with the aim of building your drumming skills beyond the skies, because the sky isn’t even close to being the limit of enhancing your skills.

Product Features

Product Features

Yamaha DTX 522K pertains of 3-zone hi-hat and cymbal pads for an authentic snare expression. It pushes you to be the best drummer in the universe. It contains drums and percussion voices, easy song recorder and advanced practice tools that allows you to keep the record of your progress and thus better your drumming skills.

The drum trigger module has almost twice the wave ROM and 250+ sounds compared to its predecessor. It features new drum and cymbal samples which widens the chances of learning to play a wide variety of pieces, which have only been optimized for this specific device. The voices have also been updated for improved playability and sounds.

Advanced features you will enjoy includes cymbal muting and natural cymbal swells. Its new design offers versatility and is highly lucrative for a hybrid kit with an acoustic drum hardware that can be expanded with four additional pads and triggers.


-> 50 preset kits and 50 user kits
-> Get IOS Apps for FREE & easily import songs, training programs
-> Highly customizable, versatile & very Responsive
-> Huge tone & provides great 691 percussion sounds
-> Value for money


-> The only disadvantage is that it doesn’t come packed with a kick pedal. Instead, it is sold separately, which means you will have to spend more money acquiring it.

It is fun to play with the Yamaha DTX 522K whose pads have been designed to provide a more natural feel when playing. The head of the XP80 is filled with air bubbles of a size and density that has been carefully aligned to inspire drummers to play often. They also act as a cushion for protecting your arms and wrists when playing. Therefore you can play for as long as you’d like without worrying that you might strain your hands’ so much.


Roland TD11KV – Most Expensive in this List But Great to Consider

Roland td 11kV

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Product Description

Product Description

The other Roland that makes the best 10 list is the TD-11KV module. It is affordable V-drum in luxury category that is enhanced with supernatural technology sound. Regardless of the level of your drumming skills, the Roland TD-11KV will be a perfect fit for you.

For beginners, it offers a great learning chance since it is easy to use and is versatile in terms of performance. It is also great for practice, teaching, live performances, and recordings.

Product Features

Product Features

Roland TD-11KV offers mesh-head V-pads that are suitable for snares and toms. It has an 8-inch PDX-8 and 6.5-inch PDX-6 mesh V-pads that enhances an amazing dual-triggering technology that results in a resonating sound from the head and rim of the kits. This Roland model is budget friendly, hence affordable to anyone that would be deserving to own one.

In addition to that, it has acclaimed V-cymbal’s for crash and ride. The Cy-12C crash provides a natural pendulum movement and accurate triggering for continuous uninterrupted crash performance. On the other hand, the Cy-13R offers a ride with an enlarged bow area and natural play feel with accurate 3-way triggering for the edge, bell and bow.

This kit has a hi-hat combination of the Cy-5 cymbal and FD-8. The Cy-5 cymbal features a 10-inch play zone and natural swing movements while the FD-8 hi-hat controller for smooth transactions between open and closed positions. The Cy-5 also offers separate bow and edge triggering.

The new mechanized and cloth-designed bass drum head offers a natural feel kick pad, dynamic response, accurate triggering and unwavering playability. It is easy and quick to set up and will take you roughly 45minutes to completely assemble each part and at the right position.


-> Top-notch sound quality
-> control every nuance of your sound
-> 3-effective training functions lack a kick pad
-> Quiet all-mesh available


-> Just like the Alexis Kit, the Roland TD-11KV also lacks a kick pad. Therefore making it a little bit more expensive for the budget-conscious drummers.

Enjoy drumming with an inexpensive yet powerful electronic drum with a greatly advanced technology. It’s not every day that you get the whole package in one product, so if you feel that the Roland TD-11KV is your electronic drum, make no mistake of living it behind. It is basically good for drummers at beginners, Intermediate and advanced levels. As long as you can afford it, then it doesn’t really matter as long as you enjoy the experience it offers.


Yamaha DTX 400K – A Complete Drum Kit For Beginners & Intermediates

yamaha dtx 400k electronic drum set

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Product Description

Product Description

The Yamaha DTX 400K is the second Yamaha DTX series in our list of the best electronic drums. If you are looking for great quality, then DTX 400K module from Yamaha is the electronic drum for you and your purpose for it.

This Kit is powered by the DTX400 module which features 169 professional acoustic drum and 127 percussions sounds with a pinch of accent articulation for dynamic expression.

Product Features

Product Features

Sharpen your drumming skills with the 10 songs provided and customize 10 kits to match your taste and style. Alternatively, use the voice guidance to practice the interactive training functions that are packaged alongside the great DTX 400K Yamaha model.

As far as the hardware is concerned, it features an actual bass drum pedal and a KU100 kick pedal that brings about authenticity in the drumming procedure. The KU100kick is also meant for the silent bass drum to ensure that it doesn’t make noise at wee hours of the night.

In addition to that, the pads feature an oversized 10-inch ride, hi-hat and crash cymbals with the 7th drum pads having been redesigned so as to offer playability, durability, and reliability. It’s easy to operate and by all drummers by the three different levels of expertise’ in the industry.

With the free Musicsoft Downloader Utility, you can transfer type 0 MIDI files from your personal computer to the TD400 model through USB. For accessing of pre-recorded material, try the aux in jack pin and plug to your mp3.

Another exciting feature is that it has 6.3mm stereo jack headphone and line output, and the 3.5mm stereo jack aux output. This enhances connectivity with external devices for various reasons.

The headphone and line output jack are meant to connect headphones or earphones to the electronic drum for a personal touch. Needless say, the stereo jack aux output is viable for connection with external sound output devices for a heightened feel of beat by beat.

For an authentic kick, the Yamaha DTX400K module encompasses an actual real bass drum pedal (like those found in traditional drums), something that most of the other electronic drums don’t have.


-> A decent module with great value for money
-> It’s a descent module
-> USB socket for DAW integration
-> High-quality real prerecorded sounds from actual music instruments
-> TASCAM TH-02-B series multiuse studio-grade headphones


-> Poor hi-hat positioning
-> Difficult to use on non-carpet floors (pedals)

A good skill sharpener that is suitable for everyone. Take your drumming to a whole new level with the Yamaha DTX400K and every moment will be a slice of the heavenly satisfaction of great music created. Don’t hold it back, instead explore each and every feature it offers and let that inspire you to be greater than the greatest.


Alesis DM6 USB Kit – Another Perfect Electronic Drum Set For A Beginner

alesis dm6 USB electronic drum Kit

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Product Description

Product Description

Our second Alesis brand product that we adore and love is the DM6 USB kit. Alesis have been offering their best modules with over 20 years of experience with each new generation being bigger and better than the other.

The impact-sensitive pads in number 8 Alesis model give the sound a natural musical response that will leave you feeling like you playing a normal acoustic drum set.

It is a perfect choice for an aspiring drummer who has the passion and interest who truly learning how to operate the electronic drums. It offers an extraordinary experience of professionalism.

Alesis DM6 Kit features electronic drum kits with a new sound module that comes with 189 quality drum, cymbal, and percussions. You need not worry about exterior damage as it has great pads and the hardware and rack system is of high quality.

Product Features

Product Features

Alesis DM6 USB Kit offers a wide variety of connectivity through the use of stereo or headphones and USB output to connect with your computer.

This kit has been designed with 40 preset practice patterns accompanied by visual to enhance faster and better learning. It also holds a dual-zone snare pad that allows for rim click and rimshot capabilities.

Like its fellow counterparts, it has a realistic and natural feeling on the different drum kit surfaces. For reduced vibration feedback, natural rubber has been used to enhance its surfaces.

If you are looking for an outstanding sound performance, then the DM6 will leave your mouth wide agape with the internal collection of drum, cymbal and percussion sounds.

In addition, you have the freedom to edit and save custom made sounds from the Alesis DM6 and use your smartphone to play or blend it in with a nice music groove.

Everything with a rugged touch to it is long lasting and offers great services to users. For enhanced stability and security, the DM6 is mount5ed heavy-duty aluminum rack, which you can customize by adjusting to meet your requirements.

Alesis DM6 also features a set of mounting hardware and cables, and rugged kick drum plus hi-hat pedals. USB-MIDI output for sending MIDI information to virtual instruments and programming on your PC.

The options provided that you can connect the Alesis DM6 to your personal computers offers a wide range of unlimited course of actions to choose from your favorite performances.


-> User-friendly interface & easy to assemble the parts
-> Great quality for this price
-> AUX input support for practicing with an external music source
-> Headphone & Amplifier outputs for further practicing
-> Option to add 2nd bass pedal


-> High hat isn’t that responsive
-> Rare chances of getting fall apart

The Alesis DM6-USB kit is a great investment for any aspiring drummer since it’s fairly priced with a wide range of playing and practice options. Also offers a high-quality sound which makes drumming even juicier.


Alesis DM10 Studio Kit – Completely Suits for Professionals

Alesis DM10X Mesh Studio Kit best eledctronic drum set for professionals

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Product Description

Product Description

The Alesis DM10 is yet another Alesis stand-alone kit with 12 trigger inputs and mixer, which you can apply to enhance your performance. It features a high-definition DM10 module electronic brain with 1000 advanced dynamic and articulation drum and percussions.

Alesis DM10 comes with a collection of six natural-feeling, real Mylar heads drum pads, a strong leatherback and an excellent sounding DM10 high-definition module. Enjoy the drumming experience with more drums, more cymbals, more flexibility, more sound and every other thing in plenty.

Product Features

Product Features

It offers an opportunity to connect with iOS and Windows operating computers so as to choose a wide range of performances you would love to try out. It’s more of a professional kit that has been prepared and is ready to be played by the real key players out there.

The professional pads include 10-inch and 8-inch acoustic-feeling RealHead pads and dual zone pads with Mylar Drumheads. In addition to that, you can use any other single or double kick pedal as long as it has a Realhead pad.

With all the extensive drum kits, it enhances more stability while playing, no matter how hard you stroke the drums, and they’re never going to be displaced from their standing position.

For enhanced stability, the DM10 comes packed with a 4-post stage rack that offers your kit extra support with an in-built boom cymbal arms.

Since it contains real acoustic sounds, you are obviously in for a treat with a premium sound library of unaltered samples from real drums and cymbals. Added to its great features is that it is class compliant and, therefore, doesn’t need drivers.

Alesis DM10 is the first of its kind to enable you to keep your performance up-to-date since it allows for USB connection to your personal computer where you can load new sounds to your kit for enhanced performances.


-> More than 1000 built-in sounds
-> Comes with a headphone & a heavy drum throne
-> Well priced with amazing quality
-> Dynamic articulation makes it sound realistic
-> Excellent audio control


-> Hi-hat not triggering properly as expected
-> Reported software as well as technical problems

What’s there not to like about the Alesis DM10 ?. It’s one of the best recording electronic drums with some great traits to extensively support its performance and keep you happy at the same time.


Yamaha DTX532K – Best for Sound Excellency & Home Use

Yamaha DTX532K review

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Product Description

Product Description

The other Yamaha brand electronic drum that made the cut is the DTX532K module that comes with a DTX-PAD snare, a real hi-hat, and 3-zone cymbal pads.

The DTX-PAD snare has the best response to develop your technique and improve your skills. On the other hand, the hi-hat trigger and stand will enable you to position the drum kit to the height and setup posture you feel best serves your needs.

Product Features

Product Features

Yamaha DTX532K possesses a ride and crash feature cup, bow and edge voices which can be muted and chocked to achieve different combinations. It incorporates the DTX502 drum module which offers a great sounding set of updated drum sounds.

The Yamaha DTX502 offers a wide range of realistic drum sounds and when synchronized with our DTX532K, then it relays the same realistic sounds, for a natural feel.

Further looking into the DTX 502 drum module use, we discover that it has 691 high-quality sounds and offers training functions, practice songs, and easy MIDI recording. This implies that you have a lot to learn with the DTX532K based on the traits the 502 has made available to the users.

Moreover, you get to record your practice sessions and you can listen to them later, identifying where you might have been wrong and where you did hit the nail on the head. The USB port allows for control over VSTi software, which lets you import custom wave files to widen your performance base.

Its hi-hat system embraces a dual-zone trigger pad that mounts on the already included Yamaha hi-hat stand for realistic pedal action and versatile posture.

In addition, the hi-hat can bring out different styles of play e.g. open/close position, closed pedal and foot splash. This provides an advanced platform where you can also edge voices for adding subtle nuances to the beat.

The cymbals have a low acoustic noise which makes it essential for private practice without worrying about disturbing noises to your neighbors.

The Yamaha DTX532K stands out from the rest because it has 3-trigger zone snare and 3-trigger zone cymbals that offer much more playability. Also features a hi-hat vertical motion that offers the more realistic feel and looks it too.


-> Choke and mute cymbals before striking
-> Top-notch real high-hat stand
-> Responsive and quiet
-> Great realistic sound quality


-> This electronic drum set doesn’t include a pair of drumsticks, a stool & headphone for this price.

At a glance, the Yamaha DTX532K features DTX502 drum module which provides a more natural feel of the drum sounds and 3-zone cymbals and snare pads for an added expressive option. Needless say, practice has been made fun and lively with the practice scoring feature that lets you track your progress.


Rockjam RDB205 – Powerpacked For Newbie/Kids Drummers

rockjam rdb205 best electronic drums for beginners

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Product Description

Product Description

From the first eight of the best electronic drums, we have mostly concentrated on brands like Yamaha, Alesis, and Roland. As great and versatile as they are, there are other electronic drums out there such as the Rockjam RDB205 which offer a great learning experience, especially for newbies.

Rockjam RDB205 has a similar setup to the traditional drum sets but is nothing compared to them in terms of sound. It is also designed and built of high-density rubber pads that duplicates the tactile of drumming, which is inexpensive and lightweight.

Product Features

Product Features

Rockjam RDB205 features an integrated 1/4th output jackpot where you can insert your headphones for a personal practice and avoid disturbing others with unwanted and loud noises.

It is supported by a MS310 sound module which has been accredited the task of translating the impact of stroking into a customizable sound through your connected headphones.

It makes it easier to tell how good or bad you are at playing and if you really are making progress as the days pass by. The module also acts as a metronome thus helping the player keep time records. It’s fun to play around with, and is a great way to nurture your drumming skills step-by-step.

It comes with 7 electronic drums (2 pedals and 5 pads) which you can easily switch from one sound to the other with its MS310 sound module. You can be playing jazz one minute but the next you are rocking it up.

It has an amazing sound quality and is suitable for home performances as an entertainment scheme. Since it is an anodized aluminum electronic drum, you can set it in such a way that it produces a vibrant orange hue, which is meant to impress your audience.

The Rockjam RDB205 is a lightweight and easily portable. This makes it easier to pack and carry along to vacation or to a friend for practice. It is also great for young ones who have the drummer vibe.


-> Very lightweight & portable
-> Easy to set up & durable
-> Brilliant for beginners
-> Integrated metronome
-> Great value for money


-> it’s not responsive to complex patterns
-> Not structured for hard stroking

Well, it may not compare to other big names in the top electronic drums but stands out on its own with the fact you can carry it anywhere you like. Indefinitely, it is easy to use and doesn’t have much baggage.


Behringer XD8USB – Perfect for Home Recording

behringer xd8usb electronic drum set review

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Product Description

Product Description

For a change from the most dominating brands like Roland, Alesis & Yamaha, we decided to include another brand to enhance a wide range of options on other good products.

The Behringer is an 8-piece electronic drum that comes with everything you need to lay down the groove, including a professional-grade kick pedal with trigger pad, dual –zone snare for standard hear and rim play, three 8-inch single-zone pads, three 12-inch cymbals and a hi-hat control pedal.

This is basically what you will expect to find in the Behringer, and well, there’s not much difference from the top 3 brand dogs of the electronic drums industry.

Product Features

Product Features

Behringer XD8USB is easy to set up the accompanying drum rack that comes with all mounting hardware. The multi-pins also makes work easier by connecting all the pads to the HDS110USB sound module.

Explore your creativity with the 15 drum sets made available to you and try out what the 123 sounds can actually do and combine them all in your practice.

The drumming experience is made worthwhile with the wide range of options on drums and voices which contribute to a more realistic and natural play feeling.

Has a USB interface which allows you an easy connection to external devices and any virtual instrument and drum software that can be a perfect match for your XD8USB.

Behringer XD8USB has an inbuilt audio input which allows you to connect your MP3 player or another device to the electronic drum. Also has a sequencer which you can put into use and play along with during practice and performance. This makes playing fun and much easier as it’s difficult to play the wrong beats with a guide by your side.

It is a convenient electronic drum as it’s easy to setup, and allows for both digital and analog connectivity. Needless say, it’s highly responsive and has good playability.

Response to stroking is enhanced by the natural rubber surface on the pads which bring about the feel of natural skin and lowers the chances of a false triggering.

With the 15 different drum sets and 123 percussion sounds at your disposal, you can build up a ton of different programs on your own. Needless say, for each drum and percussion sound, you will be at an advantage with different musical styles to try out.


-> Sufficient for novice drummers
-> Very inexpensive kit with free pair of drumsticks
-> Supreme sound quality
-> Easy to assemble each & everything
-> All the heads have rimshot triggers


-> Lacks drum software & poor kick bass sound
-> Have to buy drum throne & headphone bundle separately

For an electronic drum of its kind, it is surely affordable and offers great sounds and feel which makes it worth a spot on the best 10 electronic drums. Regardless of what your purpose for it is, it’s surely not one to disappoint.


Conclusion : Our Final Insights

Clearly, every one of the discussed electronic drums is a must have musical instrument based on their traits, their advantages and the much they tend to offer clients.

There are three different levels of skills in the music industry and there is an electronic drum for everyone. They all contain unique features that improve and advances their playability, reliability, and durability. They all perform their function differently and behind their working is a module powering it up.

With all that said, I hope that you will find this all helpful in buying the best electronic drum sets for your level of experience and that it’s one that will be lucrative in empowering your skills.

It is important that when you go shopping for an electronic drum that you know the right questions to ask your persona and have answers that will help you in settling for a specific one at the end of the day.

Hopefully, this article will be helpful to you in your endeavors and you will find the best electronic drum sets for your purpose.

Happy shopping!


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