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best digital piano for advanced pianist

Best Digital Piano for Advanced Pianist – Reviews & Buying Guide

Digital professional piano is a good source for people of all ages and several disciplines. These instruments can be used by different individuals at different levels, whether they are personal, technicians, or just for relaxation.

From the beginning, digital pianos have transformed the world’s musical and productive training environment, making the difference between artists and recreational players working and making music.

Digital pianos help to learn or to perform piano musicals very simple and cheaper than ever.

Due to the potential suppliers’ customers have been exploring the highest quality pianos they can find their resources. This search may seem to be a frustrating and boring task at times, as it may be difficult to understand each instrument because of lack of knowledge and specific products, technologies, as well as special features.

Therefore, this article aims to provide a detailed digital piano player’s guide that offers the first visualization of consumers who feel uncomfortable about their familiarity with digital pianos.

It is to inform both the buyer and manufacturer if the improper purchases are made due to lack of knowledge about digital pianos, which leaves the customer with not good experience and producer for the lost business.

Best Digital Piano For Advanced Pianist

If you are looking for a digital piano, you should carefully note the type of sound from the instrument.

As a piano player, you look at the logical adaptation you can find, so you can put yourself on a machine that does not give you sound like a traditional piano.

Digital pianos feature a wide range of audio, recorded from real-life items in every note, as well as at different tempos. There will certainly be the piano with the perfect sound you need.

As for piano’s keys, always observe how you feel about you as a player. Following the development of traditional piano, the keys to the bass area should be heavier, whereas those towards the treble area should be lighter.

If you check a piano and your hands are tired and sore immediately, it might be a sign that the specific piano is not for you.

As mentioned earlier, it is very important to decide which piano will be played at which venue, or if you want a piano to be portable.

The piano that is needed to be in an open space or in the performing environment will require built-in amplifiers. Digital pianos played at your home will not need this, but they may require the ability to integrate headphones & control of the volume.

Digital pianos come in different styles, so it’s really helpful you do the research to learn what you need.

Many pianos can be built to hold 61, 76, or 88 keyboards, as is any operating digital keyboard. Among the features, you should look for are the SmartCard, MIDI sequencing ports, USB ports and adapters along with Wi-Fi connectivity.


01. Yamaha YPG-535 88-Key Portable Grand Piano – Best Budgeted Digital Piano

yamaha ypg535 88key portable grand digital piano

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Product Description

Product Description

There are various types of Yamaha digital pianos, including keyboards, console digital pianos, portable keyboards and digital pianos. All different categories show a unique piano personality and with something that suits everyone’s needs.

Among these selections is the Yamaha Portable Grand series. Often this series’ machines have 88-note keys and spotlights on a combination of a grand piano feel.

Yamaha YPG-535 is a part of the series. Yamaha claims this piano is a level more than the DGX-530 and lowers than DGX-640. However, it collects all the punches alone.

It is a type that is in middle of the spectrum, because it is for everyone be it piano purists, synthesizer fans including producers. It contains a slight bit of all.

Whether you’re a new or experienced piano player, you’ll get the most from YPG-535. You can see the quality and effort Yamaha has put in this YPG-535 model if you see from the overall perspective.

Product Features

Product Features

YPG-535 is not too big, and one can say it has the right size. Even if most pianos claim to be most portable, you are not aware of all the important features that engineers have to give up for that kind of portability.

This piano combines the right mix, so you know you get the value of the sale. Including the stand of the piano keyboard is four feet 4 feet in length and 2 and 1/2 feet high.

It legitimately weighs at 37 pounds, not the most lightly out there, but better than any other fifty and six pound models otherwise.

Everyone seems to like this keyboard’s design as well as build. The first impression that may stick is its unique colour, described by Yamaha as the champagne gold.

It’s a good color that you can’t find in many keyboards and digital pianos. The speakers are the best with 12 centimeters along with 6-watt amplifiers. The color around the main body is black so choosing a pairing dark black stand will be the right thing.

Yamaha YPG-535, a well-designed digital piano with an included stand is offered in the model with 88 and 76 keys. In addition, it features interactive lessons which you’ll be able to learn in your own rhythm which is something the fresh beginners would really love to put into practice with.


-> Has sustain pedal`
-> Interactive lessons
-> Backlit LCD display
-> Price below $500


-> Less natural keyboard feel

Yamaha is not very popular with its inconsistent key bed. However, there is much more Yamaha can do with a single machine to produce quality design and user experience. For the price between $400 and $500, Yamaha YPG-535 is a great deal for those aspiring piano enthusiasts.


02. Yamaha Arius YDP181 – Traditional Console Style Digital Piano with Bench

yamaha arius ydp181 digital piano

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Product Description

Product Description

Yamaha YDP 181 Arius Digital Piano has 88 keys and an effect of the Graded Hammer that makes playing as an acoustic piano and has 128-note polyphony follows the actual piano by allowing many notes to be played with no interruptions.

Product Features

Product Features

It contains 3 damper pedals that have half-pedal effects for superior control. It also has USB device port which allows you to transfer and accumulate songs for playing.

It has 3 touch sensitivity levels to deal with different styles plus techniques. YDP181 uses the Advanced Wave Memory stereo sampling to provide an accurate sound similar to the acoustic instrument.

With preset songs plus track recording, ability players will be able to learn compositions and keep comprehensive continuous recordings.

Piano uses an audio-based mechanism based on Advanced Wave Memory recording which provides sound like a realistic sound parallel to that of the genuine instrument.

Audio is recorded digital and passed through the best digital filter. Moreover, The Advanced Memory Wave gives dynamic nuances produced from playing key in a variety of ways.

The audio sampling produces an excellent sound which is very similar to an actual instrument while the touch sensitivity, as well as weighted keys, provide much more realistic experience.

The featured damper pedals along with half-pedal effect improve the ways a player can play plus facilitates to develop skill. It can be said it is the helpful digital version of a typical acoustic piano.

Like most of the Yamaha’s digital pianos, YDP 181 offers sound much similar to that of an original piano with Advanced Wave Memory sampling system.

The keyboard has the Graded Hammer effects that make playing better than acoustic. The piano has 3 damper pedals for playing a range of pieces and a half-pedal control for better control plus expression.

Yamaha Arius YDP181 is handy piano which is suitable for beginners however also notable enough for professionals.


-> Damper pedal effects`
-> Interactive lessons
-> Cabinet & wood finish look great
-> Built-in stereo speakers
-> Pre-loaded songs


-> A heavy piano

Yamaha Arius YDP181 is an ideal digital piano for experienced musicians or beginners. It features graded hammer keyboard which provides a genuine piano playing feel in terms of sound plus timbre.


03. Casio Privia PX-160 Digital Piano – Best User-Friendly Piano

casio privia px160bk digital piano

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Product Description

Product Description

Casio PX-160 is among the many pianos produced by different keyboard makers in the recent years.

However, it is special because it has made a reputation for beginners as well as for advanced pianists keyboard in the market that provides qualities of a good digital piano for easy learning and playing.

Product Features

Product Features

The piano’s first impression includes several features such as its attractive beginner keyboard.

PX-160 is available in two colors – a solid black and a soft gold color. Both provide the natural feel and is portable. The keyboard’s design is sleek and has elevated top section which contains the major functions of this keyboard.

Perfectly crafted, this 88-keyboard keyboard piano is extensively crafted and firm, with only a few detached parts, which leads to a solid and great built design.

Everything is presented in an accurate, simple way for those who are just learning. You will not find any difficulty in everything you can do on the keyboard can be easily set from the controls.

This keyboard supports a full 128-voice polyphony that is typical for several good keyboards out there.

Casio has begun to produce a piano that allows beginners to have the right instrument to learn, rather than simply providing features and the quality to meet the lowest price.

This keyboard makes it seem to contradict lower classes and vying for copper ones, which is the Casio’s quality assurance and consistency.

The speakers inside the PX-160 are one of the most amazing points of this keyboard.

Usually, the keyboards of this price simply do not give anything like a bass response, but it does. The bass is even and completes and sufficiently loud to fill rooms.

Casio Privia Digital Piano appears elegant for a reasonably priced product. The keys are textured ebony and ivory for those who want soft touch.


-> Relatively low price`
-> Comes with a comfortable seat
-> Two headphone jacks
-> Tri-sensor
-> Easy to use


-> Fewer keys movement
-> Fewer sounds and effects

Casio Privia Digital Piano is a great digital piano model if you just started to play. With most of its prominent features, this piano is worth your money.


04. Casio PX860 Privia Digital Piano – Perfect for Home Use

casio privia px860 digital piano

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Product Description

Product Description

CASIO Px-860 is among the best models of the PRIVIA line. It uses Casio’s AIR technology which allows this well-built piano to be able to do her best.

Product Features

Product Features

The CASIO PX-860 has 88 tri-sensor hammer action key bed with replicated ebony plus ivory keys for the much more realistic piano playing experience.

Since there are 256 notes of polyphony and Casio as well as Multi-dimensional Morphing AiR sound source, it has its own sound to claim.

Newest improved features of the CASIO with the Multi-dimensional Morphing AiR * Sound Source echoes detailed information on the creation of rich, and versatile tones.

The installed memory capacity has been extended to accomplish long sampling duration and better quality of the waveform data.

Temporary transitions in a tone that you can only expect from a traditional piano starting with the original sound and lead to the magnificent expansion until the sound slowly fades away are reproduced in a natural way.

There is a difference between a digital and grand piano in terms of sound structures. There is an apparent timing distinction from the very moment they are played until their sound reaches to our ears. The new Tri-sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II retorts with sound incorporation with 3 sensors which identifies sequential touches of the piano keys.

The simulated ebony plus Ivory keys provide the lavishing feel as well as texture along with smooth touch similar to that of grand piano keys. The minute and detailed crimp exterior finish reduce slipping of fingers because of sweat. It provides the ideal fingertip fit sensation even if you play for a longer period of time.

The audio volume and quality changes when a grand piano’s lid is lifted or lowered. The similar effect of superior entertainment acoustic that is produced by a digital piano is reproduced by the Simulator Lid. The acoustic opening, as well as closing lid outcomes, is created in detail.  You can select a recommended level or low sound when you are playing.

The length durations of reverberations, as well as expressions a piano creates, differs with the finger releasing speed of the player after hitting the keys. This new keyboard technology exploits the Key Off Simulator which reproduces these fine distinctions resulting after key release in a natural way. The outcome is the authentic reverberations which feel similar as of the grand piano.

Casio PX-860 has a function called the Hall Simulator that simulates the various acoustic characteristics of the popular concert halls throughout the world that include from clean reverberation along with exceptional tonal lucidity to independent and dazzling reverberation. There is also an enhanced equalizing system that makes sure the player enjoys the vital sound of a piano.

You will appreciate all the audio tracks of this digital piano as you turn your home into a grand concert hall.


-> Portable USB port
-> 18 instrument tone selections
-> Great keys
-> Easy volume control
-> Easy to play


-> Moderate sustain pedal
-> Moderate acoustic bass

Casio PX-860 lets you modify 3 levels of sensitivity, for you to customize according to your preferred personal playing style. This digital piano produces high-quality sounds which provide you with concert-like resonance in any room.


05. Kawai ES100 88key – Digital Piano with Speakers

kawai es100 88key digital piano

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Product Description

Product Description

As established, Kawai has always been the highest quality. In its long history, Koichi Kawai established the brand in 1927 that has emerged from making the final hi-end pianos in creating smart and dependable digital pianos.

Recently, the company has opened a brand new E-series product called Kawai ES-100, the first hammer action with 88 keys limited to $ 1000 from a Japanese manufacturer, now accessible at $ 799.

Product Features

Product Features

Kawai ES-100 is specially designed for piano students, middle artists and trained professionals with honest piano sound.

ES-100 is the best choice for the price of $ 500-1000 and provides some of the real-life piano experiences, even to consider many products, such as many Yamaha products under the range of $500-$1000.

Kawai also provides furniture design for HML-1 stand, such as ES-100 and offers three pedal operating features. Compared with competitive audiences, $ 230 Kawai HML-1 may be a low cost to few, but the quality of design is finest and 3-pedals steel fittings really fit the price.

The F-10H pedal is one of the most prominent features of this digital piano which is extremely rigid pedal which allows half- pedal functionality, which you can pay $ 80 if you purchased separately. There are no other digital pianos in this list that provide the same damper pedal in the box.

ES-100 itself includes the simplest chassis (only 33 pounds), but despite easy-to-do, it provides a very good AHA IV-F, an evaluated hammer action keyboard designed to fit the same feel of a real piano by using the hammer component below every 88 keys.

Kawai ES-100 digital piano is a good choice for artists who want the best hammer keys that are able to bring real acoustic piano sounds.


-> Supports dual and split modes
-> Onboard Alfred piano lessons
-> Built-in piano lessons
-> True acoustic sounds


-> Light keys

With ES-100, Kawai produced its first reasonably priced product, suitable for both players as well as beginners. This will be a good choice for artists currently strong in the budget and cannot spend on more than one. For the true piano sound, the Kawai ES100 88-Key can be a good choice.


06. Kawai KDP90 Digital Piano – Grab it If You Are a True Lover of Sounds

kawai kdp90 digital piano

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Product Description

Product Description

If you think of Kawai, you might want to think about them as acoustic pianos manufacturers – uprights, grand pianos, and shebang. You may not know, however, there is also a full Kawai digital pianos line.

Product Features

Product Features

Kawai KDP90 makes a good impression of its beauty. Even it uses built-in speakers and the sound is really amazing.

If you close your eyes and listen, you’ll be surprised how close Kawai is to emulate all these various instruments. Many people will probably not be able to tell you the dissimilarity, so it’s good that Kawai really decided to go all here.

Some really great features are 88-key piano sampling, 15 outstanding instrument sounds, 192-Note Polyphony, Grand piano-like pedal system, built-in stereo speaker system, rosewood finish, superior Hammer Action IV-F Graded-hammer action, dual plus Four-Hands modes, built-in Alfred Piano Lessons, sliding Key Cover, audio outputs, MIDI in/out, along with 2 headphone jacks.

One thing KDP90 does not comprise is a bench, so I think you’ll need to play a stand-up. Overall, however, there are many types of benches with low prices are available. So, not at all, is a deal breaker.

With 88 sampling tricks, professional at Kawai re-evaluated various piano sounds more than just traditional classical timbre.

KDP90 offers your selection of two concert Grand sounds and Studio Grand, as well as the sound of pop Piano for rockers. On top, you get electric pianos plus organs, vibraphone, choir, harpsichord, and a few synth pads.

Another critical feature is called “damper resonance,” a regulating echo control you would find from the acoustic grand piano’s strings. You can set resonance value to fit your preferences, which are very different from the digital piano in this price list.

For the true piano sound, the Kawai ES100 88-Key can be a good choice.


-> Sliding key cover
-> Interactive training features
-> Wooden-key actions
-> Built in 16 cm stereo speaker
-> Great sound quality


-> Slightly frail chair
-> Little heavier

Kawai noticed that Alfred is among the best educational musicians, and joined them to introduce lessons from Basic Piano Course Books 1A and 1B.


07. KORG SP280WH Digital Piano – Fully Packed with Stand & Sustain Pedal 

korg sp280wh digital piano

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Product Description

Product Description

The Korg SP-280 stands among the great models of a superior yet reasonably priced digital piano which is available in the market filled with models that feature full of highlights and baffling specifications.

KORG lives up to the expectation as reliable producers of digital pianos. SP-280 BK delivers just that and represents the level upgrade of the SP 250 in their series of the stage piano.

When you look at this digital piano for the first time, its exceptional shape plus size immediately captures your attention. It seems as if the piano has an oval shape that includes round edges around the sides as well as a rounded rear.

The piano’s shape is very intriguing and immediately sucks you in, unlike the modern digital pianos that have dry and identical presentations.

This piano is legendary and has survived more than a century and so their features are definitely justified and can be the best one to borrow from.

Product Features

Product Features

SP-280 features have lots of wonderful inbuilt sounds. It has a different range of 30 unique voices and tones among which the most highlighted ones are undoubtedly the grand, concert and acoustic piano tones.

Among the best sounds that are available in the market, the Korg really lies on the top lists of the digital pianos. It totally justifies the statement once upon realizing the piano is a ripped off version of the Steinway which is probably the best piano throughout the world.

There are total five acoustic piano sounds including 1 electric grand, six incredible electric pianos, along with a range of instruments such as marimbas, organs, vibraphones, harpsichords and strings.

Among the wonderful features, the SP-280 houses are the remarkable collection of onboard songs collection. There are ten songs which are intended to demo several of the finest sounds on this piano.

This digital piano has several important features that stand out compared to its counterparts. As such, the amplified double 22-watt speaker system which is considerably loud. It allows the audiences to feel the player’s onstage presence with a sound system like this especially if it’s a band and concert scenario.

It includes a useful metal stand upon purchase. It can be assembled without much effort and is a much-improved version than the large stands that comes with most of the digital pianos.

This Kong digital piano doesn’t take much of your breathing space and has the alternative PU-2 pedal unit that fits easily under your set up if you opted to buy that as a package part. So the stand is useful and great.

Moreover, when you purchase SP-280, along with it come convenient Line in plus Line out jacks that allow connecting with a portable audio player and mp3 devices like iPod and iPad. It also allows you to play music through a stereo system, or amplified speakers as well as recording devices.

This Kong sp280 piano will be ideal for an advanced pianist who is looking forward to take his/her skills to professional level.


-> Well-built keyboard
-> Price below $1000
-> Weight is  just 57 pounds
-> Ideal for live performances
-> Great experience


-> Stiff keys

Korg Sp-280 comes along with a long-lasting stand and a sustain pedal. It has a fine touch and the sounds produce a feel and timbre similar to that of a grand piano.


08. Korg B1 88 Key Digital Piano – Comes With Enhanced Speaker System

korg b188 digital pianoBuy Now @Amazon

Product Description

Product Description

Unlike some of the pianos that may be categorized under existing types of models, KORG B1 Digital Piano makes a classy stand. It is designed using best technologies to surpass all expectations.

Product Features

Product Features

The Korg B1 features fine built-in stereo sound system along with MFB Servo technology. This alone makes it stand among the expensive counterparts. The keys are divided into couple 44 key pianos that make it greats for practicing. It is the ideal digital piano for beginners.

To achieve deep, rich acoustic tones within its integrated body, the B1 Digital Piano depends on the MFB technology by KORG, the paired speakers, and the extra radiator. Collectively, these elements produce the affluent resonant tones similar to that of the large acoustic piano body, with specific attention to the lowest frequency range.

Like all digital diagrams, KORG B1 exploits sampling technology (multiple digital recordings) for capturing and retrieving the affluent, enthusiastic sound of the acoustic piano.

As the sampling method increasingly develops and since the digital memory parts are increasingly becoming popular-KORG B1 Digital Piano can provide accurate, genuine and significant sound than instruments that only couple years older.

Three selections of an acoustic piano are offered and moreover, the B1 Digital Piano offers 2 electric pianos, harpsichord, along with 2 organ sounds each with a defined bearing. This charitable set of mostly utilized sounds allows players to re-expand their range to cover scores of music genres.

It also has dedicated PIANO PLAY button which promptly reminds the sound of the Concert Grand Piano.

Compact and effective, the KORG B1 Digital Piano is an ideal choice for your needs. If you badly need a piano which won’t explode your budget then you can go for it.


-> Good built-in stereo sound
-> Cost less than $500
-> Clean and plain design
-> Chorus effect
-> Great experience


-> Have to buy the seat and stand separateley

The projected design of this digital piano model provides the most important features of any piano player: spot on keyboard touch, high-quality sound, and easy to use.


Conclusion : My Final Note

Selecting a great digital piano is a significant step when learning this beautiful instrument. It is a half job done.

Other than that, you need to be patient while learning to play the piano and the digital pianos definitely help at that.

Therefore, this article’s main objective is to provide the pianists with a comprehensible guide for buying pianos along with popular brands in this area. Take some time with it and hope you make a good decision.

There’s our list of 8 best digital pianos for advanced pianist. We hope you enjoy reading and you get the value from our article.


  1. Spot On Website!

    I very much enjoyed this piece on digital pianos. I own a Roland Music Workstation and it is fine for creating various synth sounds but the feel is not of a piano.

    The options listed all seem to have the feel and play ability of an acoustic piano. Would you concur with my assessment?

    I have been interested in having a digital piano that looks like a piano but has the ability to play back to entertain guests.

    The Casio PX860 Privia Digital Piano seemed like a choice to consider. Is there another brand you would have me look at?

    Looking forward to reading your response.

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